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Feeling Blessed
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In plenty and in want. We have all we need in Yahweh.

Yes, we struggle with financial needs. I personally do my best not to owe anyone anything. My vehicle is paid off and, at the moment, we rent. So, there's no mortgage. If I do not have enough funds to purchase something, I don't buy it. I wait until I do have enough. Even if it means shuffling things around.

I really like the envelope system. Our online bank is specifically made for this function. So, I have a built in budget system. We can even program due dates for bills to be paid. Interestingly enough, though, our Landlord will only receive online payments through Venmo. So we make sure that envelope has the funds when needed. Then, we manually put the payment through.

My husband isn't as disciplined as I am, however. He's racked up lots of credit debt. He's paying it down, though.

So, I say all that just to say that it takes discipline and trust in God.
Feeling Blessed

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The Golden Rule is basically love others as you'd want to be loved.
So then, that leads to what kind of fruit you produce!

Love is the one main fruit of the Spirit.

Reading more in this Scripture, you read that the bad non fruit producing are pruned away.

It's that simple. Either you produce good fruit or be pruned away. The only way for that to happen is to believe in the name of Jesus that He's the Son of YAH and that He died and rose again as your Savior, the Messiah.

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Today's Scripture and Word of the Day:

Well, I guess it's bad to have a breach of faith. Saul's death is an example. Keep your faith in God active and alive.
Feeling Blessed

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A great overview video...

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Today's devotional - Hot off the virtual press:

God’s Glory | Trinity Digital Ministry

God’s Glory | Trinity Digital Ministry

David’s song was written about God’s glory.

This group supports, encourages, and inspires people in their walk with Jesus Christ as their Savior with devotionals, music, images, & uplifting posts. [Note: No sugarcoating God's word.]